Whether your here for the facilitation of your detox program, relaxation or beauty enhancements, we cater to your  comfort and satisfaction. "you're not just our client, you're our guest"! We are pleased to serve you!


Colon Hydrotherapy
​45-60 mins starting at $75.00 each session. Pkgs also available.

Using aromatherapy and abdominal massage to encourage the body's own detox process, this treatment is by far the best in reducing toxicity in the body.

Ear Candling
​40min - $45.00

This hygienic practice has been used and passed down through generations of cultures throughout the world for more than 2,000 years. Native Americans, Tibetans, and even Amish people subscribed to it. Excellent for allergies, sinusitis and menier disease.

Holistic Nutrition Assessment
​60 min - $125.00

Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist will discuss your diet and lifestyle to put you on the right path to complete health and wellness. Identify food sensitivity and provide alternatives for healthy living.

Spa Pedicure
​60 min - $40.00

Not for the primadonna, this is a pedicure that increases circulation, rejuvunates tired, overworked feet. Combining reflexology principals and massage, your feet are MORE than pretty, their happy!

​Complete Body Waxing 
Please call for specific pricing​

From Brows to Brazilians, we take care of unwanted hair! Did you know that if you exfoliate regularly, it greatly reduces ingrown hairs?